Talent Programme

The Cambridge Academy Talent Programme

The Cambridge Academy Talent Programme is an opportunity for our students to engage in enhanced and enriched experiences that add value to their learning here at Cambridge Academy Ethiopia. Cambridge Academy Talent Programme provides an enriched curriculum that ensures our school is a ‘one-stop shop’ for learning!

This is an evidence-based approach that delivers an expanded understanding of curriculum, better learning and improved student outcomes.

“Curriculum can be understood as the totality of what children learn while at school – including what they learn through classroom activities; in interdisciplinary tasks; across the school, for example, in the playground, at lunch time when eating etc. This curricular totality also includes opportunities for wider achievement through sport, music, debating, and the like.”

Dr. Mmantsetsa Marope (2016) What Makes a Quality Curriculum?

Recognising the importance of the curriculum ‘beyond the classroom’, the Cambridge Academy Talent Programme systematically develops opportunities for our students to excel across an expanded curriculum, leading to improved access to opportunities outside of school and, ultimately, better university placement and improved life-chances.

Features of the Cambridge Academy Talent Programme


Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are an integral part of developing the student’s enrichment profile. The Cambridge Academy Talent Programme offers a range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities with internal and external partners to make sure that the students get enough opportunities to learn and develop their interests and talents.


The Cambridge Academy Talent Programme provides real and virtual experiential learning that is delivered by a team of experts as part of the learning environment. Students experience a variety of opportunities for domestic and international activities that will help in developing global citizenship.


The Cambridge Academy Talent Programme promotes learn beyond curriculum through specifically designed engagement activities, with parents, students, local and international organizations, universities, and partner schools, local and international communities. Volunteerism, internships and entrepreneurship programs.

Enrichment at Cambridge Academy Ethiopia

Foundation and Primary

Enrichment activities are offered throughout Foundation and Primary stages. Students receive dedicated activity periods per week for example art, football, dance, chess, drama, music, choir, public speaking, creative writing, conversational French, community service, tennis, computer club, cooking and basketball.


Enrichment provision includes:

  • After-school clubs: members of staff contribute to a wealth of clubs and societies, ranging from the creative and physical to technical and intellectual including sports and team games, creative writing, chess, dance, orchestra, choir, public speaking, mathematics, drama and science and environmental groups.
  • Homework clubs and study support that provide a quiet place for students to work and where they can get individual or small group support
  • Challenge clubs that include problem-solving and enterprise activities challenge students to think creatively, plan and execute their ideas, pool their skills and resources and work to achieve deadlines and budgets.
  • Links with schools in other countries, visiting speakers, trips expeditions and exchange programmes broaden the students’ understanding of the world
  • Community service and volunteering