Special Education Needs

At Cambridge Academy Ethiopia, we recognise that every child has specific learning needs and this why our personalized approach to learning is successful in delivering our mission. Most notably, Cambridge Academy Ethiopia supports a range of learners to access the curriculum who have been identified as having special educational needs (SEN).

During the admission stage, students are identified through the School Readiness Assessment and students are categorized into three tiers based on their specific need. If a child is admitted and later, identified as having a learning need, the student’s teachers are part of the identification process.

Students with mild special education needs are classed as Tier 1. Tier 1 students are supported by best teaching practices in the classroom using intervention and differentiation strategies. 

Students with moderate cases of learning difficulties are classed as Tier 2, and they may require more targeted assistance. Tier 2 students have an individual education plan and receive additional in class support from the special education needs coordinator (SENCO) along with some removal from mainstream classrooms for personalized interventions when needed. 

Students identified as Tier 3 have learning needs which require high levels of support and guidance. Cambridge Academy Ethiopia will only accept this tier of students if we are confident we can meet their learning needs. These students may be accompanied by a shadow teacher, employed by the child’s parents.  Where it is in their best interests, Tier 3 students will be integrated into the mainstream classes. On other occasions students will receive personalized learning facilitated by the SENCO and will follow a curriculum designed to meet their individual needs. 

For those SEN students who are unable to pursue a full iGCSE programme, the school will adapt the learning pathway at KS4 to meet the student’s individual needs. This may entail taking a smaller number of iGCSEs, with greater time and focus spent on these.

Applications will be made for special dispensations for SEN students taking external examinations. These may include modified test and exam papers, extra time and exams conducted in a less distracted environment.