The school has been a project idea of the owner, then implemented in partnership with the Educational Consultancy Company Superior Specialist Academic Team (S.S.A.T.).
The Executive Director, David Allison, together with S.S.A.T., will create a very special and exciting new school within the C.M.C. district that is part of an innovative type of academy school for the local and international children of Addis Ababa.

We have a very experienced team working on preparations for our new school based in our offices in the school building at CMC.

Here we want to introduce our academic staff:



David is a former School Principal and teacher and is currently CEO of SSAT Education consultancy having opened several international and UK schools around the world. He has worked with Governments to support education across all sectors and the UK Government Department for International Trade. david.allison@cambridgeacademyethiopia.org


john.kelleher@cambridgeacademyethiopia.org John has been a Principal since 2003 and has has extensive teaching experience over 35 years in different countries (Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Qatar) and a wide range of curricula. He has a special interest in Science and Sport.
Both of these Principals are extremely excited to be opening a new school in Addis Ababa having both had extensive experience as School Principals and teachers over the past 30 years in their home country of Ireland and with top International Schools in the Middle East.


denise.kelleher@cambridgeacademyethiopia.org Denise has been a Primary School Principal since 2008. She has worked in Ireland, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Denise has a keen interest in the area of Special Educational Needs.



"Welcome to the new academic year 2020. My name is Mrs Elizabeth. I am very exited to be joining the Cambridge Academy team as Early Years Coordinator. I was born in the UK. Attended Manchester Metropolitan University where I acquired Bachelor of Education Degree with distinction in Primary education. My specialist subjects are child literacy, child development, art and design. Since then I have taught young children for more than 15 years at all primary levels, gained professional leadership skills and coordinated many educational curriculum programmes and projects. Looking forward to meeting you all and working together in building a great school community."


"Growing up on a farm in South Africa encouraged me to appreciate the simple, unpretentious pleasures in life. As a young girl, I was taught the importance of family and how relationships with other people shape our lives. Now, for me life is a magical discovery of everything unique in every person, their spirit, their dreams, their courage - even their fears. I started a teaching qualification after the birth of my son as I wanted to be able to help him grow and be the best person he could be. Through this journey I evolved into an educator with a desire to nurture every child’s potential. Today, few things in this world give me greater joy than to watch a child grow into a content, responsible, and accomplished adult. My life has taken many turns and a passion for the creative arts and cooking gourmet food grounded me - yet opened my eyes to the excitement of being impulsive and playful. Every day I see as a blessing to take hold of and enjoy to the fullest provided there are no spiders around."

Anne Marie FOLLETT


"I’m Anne Marie, native from Des Moines, Iowa and I have a Master's degree inTeaching. International education is a way for me to do two things I love, create and amazing classroom for my beloved students and travel the world. When I’m not in the classroom I enjoy football games, live music, and theatre. I’ve taught thousands of students all over the world and have enjoyed my time emensly. I’m very excited for my future at Cambridge Academy and learning from my pupils."



Kathryn Phillips has ten years of international teaching experience in Mongolia, Russia, and Azerbaijan. In addition to classroom teaching, she has also worked in teacher training, curriculum development, and assessment coordination.


"I was born, raised and educated in South Africa. I attended Rhodes University (also in South Africa) where I got a bachelor of Social Science in Psychology and History and then went on to get my teaching qualification in English and in History. I has taught in both South Africa and in the United Arab Emirates and I am very excited to be joining Cambridge Academy in September 2020. My great area of interest is providing children with a holistic education where enrichment happens both inside and outside the classroom"


"I am from South Africa, where after graduating from the University of South Africa with a Bachelor of Education (Senior to FET Phase) began teaching at a public high school in South Africa a few years ago. I have taught Geography, History and Economic Management Science through Years 8 to 10. I have a passion for sports and I have coached Soccer, Field Hockey, Rugby, Cricket and Squash."

Passionate Math teacher with master’s degree in Mathematics, international diploma in Education and teaching certifications earned from abroad universities. Currently he is pursuing Master of Education degree in Advanced Teaching at US accredited University.

I have 10+ years of experience worked with great enthusiasm in a reputable academic organizations and international schools in high school and middle school environments.

His strong area of interest is working for the scheme of ‘destroy Math fear’ run by schools who experienced their students going in depression because of the fear of Mathematics.  he seek to leverage Math and computing skills plus focus on building students’ independent study habits at Cambridge Academy.

Hi. I’m Patrice Joiner.
I am an African American living in Addis Ababa for 10 years and teaching for the past 8 years. My love for Ethiopia has taken me through many challenges. I choose not to be anywhere else in the world. As a mother of ten children, I am always excited and thrilled to work with children and enrich their learning abilities. It is imperative that we as a people (one people) give our country the best efforts to make Ethiopia a grand nation. I will give all I can to see that goal is achieved. Together we can accomplish anything! ❤️💕❤️