At Cambridge Academy Ethiopia we provide a caring ethos where everyone in the school community feels safe, confident, valued and respected. We aim:

  • To have a consistent and positive approach to behaviour management creating an environment that is conducive to learning and success for all within the school community, recognizing the importance of student voice in developing positive behaviour for learning.
  • For everyone to take responsibility for their emotions and actions seeking to develop relationships based upon mutual respect.
  • For all to be able to work, play and relax free from abuse, intimidation, harassment, teasing and bullying.

All staff are required to be clear about the high standards expected and to adopt a consistent approach to behaviour management. In order to respond appropriately, staff must be aware of students’ individual needs and of factors that may affect behaviour. At the Cambridge Academy Ethiopia, we believe that positive recognition motivates students to choose appropriate behaviour, increases self-esteem, allows for more positive relationships with students and reduces behavioural concerns. Rewards will be given for exemplary attendance; attitudes in the classroom; commitment to learning; high quality work; commitment to an enrichment activity; respect for the environment; community service and much more. This is acknowledged and celebrated in assemblies and achievement events throughout the academic year.