Opening a new school is challenging for many reasons. However, it can also offer tremendous opportunities.

The members of the experienced Senior Management Team involved in Cambridge Academy know what is required for success. They have had experience in many schools which have achieved great success. They have opened and run schools in England, Ireland and The Middle East. They have acquired invaluable knowledge relating to what the criteria are for a happy, productive, inclusive school.


Our school is



At Cambridge Academy, our vision is to encourage and nurture the love of learning in every child.

Through the delivery of an internationally renowned program of knowledge, we aim to provide the opportunity to acquire the skills to develop leadership qualities and enable our students to follow the pathway to lifelong learning.

We believe in helping every child to achieve his/her full potential, making the most of their abilities while cherishing and recognizing the individuality of each student. This embraces children across the full spectrum of educational needs.

Our vision is a school designed around every child, every mind and every ability.

We aim to “Prepare generations of national and international students to achieve success in their future lives, capable of facing challenges with confidence”.

We aspire that our students are self-motivated, inquisitive, will to try new things and take ownership of their learning which results in improving their lives and the lives of others.

Cambridge Education is the world’s leading provider of international education programs and qualifications through the very best of British education. The vision of Cambridge Academy is to contribute to the development of all students by providing affordable, high quality education resulting in outstanding individual progress and attainment.

Cambridge Academy intends to serve Addis Ababa by offering a 21st century learning experience that educates and informs students, providing the international community with its next generation of inventors, creators, athletes, physicists, chemists, engineers and scholars.


To provide world-class, international educational opportunities for Ethiopian and expatriate students which meet the highest international standards whilst, at the same time, while taking into account the local culture, values and traditions.

To provide the next generation of STEM practitioners, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

To provide Ethiopia with well-qualified, global citizens, equipped with 21st century skills and ready to make a positive contribution to a modern knowledge economy.

To provide citizens who understand the necessity to embrace internal economic development and who also recognize the value of an international context.

Cambridge Academy intends that each student has a deep understanding of the nation’s history, culture and traditions through the effective management of the curriculum, the provision of opportunities to engage with the local community and the visible celebration of all that is unique to Ethiopia.